Eco washing and cleaning for household and industrial customers

We have something none of our competitors have. We have us!

Back in early 2011, a group of investors with various international business experience, converted a small laundry shop in the City of Timisoara, Romania, into a specialized commercial, industrial, healthcare and wet-cleaning service facility. These investors shared one goal – a commitment to provide the best service and value for their customers.

That mission holds true today. Under the same management, BriteClean has achieved exponential growth and now serves not only hotels and restaurants, but also SPAs, gyms, labs, hospitals, nursing homes and major corporations. In fact, in this very short time, BriteClean has become the largest textile laundry and cleaning facility in the Timiș county. We pride ourselves with being the largest industry-specific employer in the area. We’ve implemented the latest technology and techniques while our dedicated use of EcoLab detergents and softeners ensures optimal textile cleaning results with no impact on the environment. And our ISO9001 certification is proof of our commitment to Quality Management.

With the latest technology, the largest operation and committed employees, BriteClean delivers what others can’t – a high quality standard and best value for money services.

At BriteClean we deliver the results of a large operation, with the personal touch of a family-owned business.