Cleaning everything that matters to you

You kids are growing up fast and you feel like investing the free time you have into creating precious memories together. Enjoy the unique moments with your family while we take care of your time wasting laundry. You don’t have to worry about the stubborn stains either, we have eco solutions for all of them!

Hand ironing service

Because every fabric and garment has its particularities, we hand iron the clothes to make sure we always adapt to their characteristics.

Folding and packing

After ironing, all clothes are carefully folded, according to their size and fabric. They are ready to go home.

24 hour washing

It only takes three days for your clothes to be ready to wear again. If you are in a hurry, use our 24 hour express service.

Accesible collecting points

Bring your laundry to one of our collecting points in Timișoara or Dumbrăvița.